Why Choose Mashooq?

for beautiful sleek, shiny healthy hair


Mashooq means “Beloved Sweetheart” in Arabic, an epithet that influences everything we do: we treat the environment with the love and respect it deserves and do not use any additives in our products all of which are 100 per cent natural and none of which are tested on animals.

Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil is packed with minerals, vitamins (Vitamins A, B, D, E and K) and amino acids that feed the hair at the same time as the chemical processes are stripping out the natural oils.

•Almond Oil – keeps her shiny and silky
•Coconut Oil – protects from sun damage  (20% UVF Block)
•Olive Oil – coats & seals the outer layers of hair
•Palm Oil - moisturises hair
•Sunflower Oil – prevents dryness and frizziness
•Wheatgerm Oil – repairs damaged hair

Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil is truly versatile and will protect and condition your hair during numerous hair treatments leaving it soft and supple and with a noticeable improvement in the result of the particular process. 

  • Colouring
  • Relaxing /perming
  • Blow drying & styling
  • Protection from heat damage
  • Damaged Hair Treatment Oil
  • Deep conditioning treatment
  • Dry scalp treatment
  • No added colours or preservatives
  • Free from parabeans

Amount used depends on the condition of the hair. First apply small quantity and repeat as necessary.