Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating was created in 1984 by Claudettes Giovanni, a renowned and highly respected British hair consultant whose unique approach to hair care has won her accolades worldwide.

As she worked on her clients’ hair in London, Claudette found they had common complaints about the condition of their hair and the lack of good hair care products.

So Claudette set about creating a product that could effectively deal with dry, brittle or damaged hair.

As her inspiration she drew upon traditions she witnessed as a child in Jamaica.  Growing up Claudette saw the women around her using plants growing around them to create hair and beauty products at home which were totally natural.  Mashooq was created by Claudette to enable women to enjoy the benefits of 100% totally natural products.

Mashooq, which means ‘beautiful, loveable’ in Arabic, demonstrates your beauty and love for yourself. 

The success of the Magic Oil led to the creation of the Mashooq hair and beauty range that is suitable for every hair and skin type. The amount you need to use depends on the volume and ferocity of the hair. 

The Mashooq range is manufactured in the UK and can be used by everyone, young and old.