6th Jan 2022

Menopause and your hairAlong with hot flushes and weight gain, many women report that the menopause also affects their hair causing it to become thinner and lacking condition. Here are our tips on what you can do to improve the condition and appearance of your hair during menopause and beyond.

COOL THE HEAT – Heat damages hair so use the coolest setting you can and try to keep contact with your hair to a minimum. You can also try protecting your hair with serums.

BE GENTLE – Avoid washing hair daily to avoid drying it out.

And remember wet hair is especially vulnerable to damage. When wet it becomes super stretchy and if you attack it with a brush you’re likely to damage it and cause breakage. Best to use a wide-tooth comb and treat it gently.

A regular deep conditioning treatment with products like Mashooq’s hair oil will help to keep your hair moisturised, shiny and more manageable.

BE COLOUR CONSCIOUS – colour and other chemical hair treatments weaken your hair making it break. So choose your colours wisely and try not to go too far from your natural colour.

CHECK YOUR MEDICATION – Hair loss can be a side effect of beta blockers and other medication. Talk to your GP about alternatives if this happens to you.

KEEP TRIMMING – regular trims will help you get to the hair length you want. Split ends can travel up the hair shaft causing breakage.

REDUCE STRESS – stress can put your hair into a resting phase. Reduced stress is good for your entire body including your hair.

AVOID SPEEDY WEIGHT LOSS – Sudden weight loss can trigger hair loss. Take it slow and steady if you want to shed the pounds.

CHECK YOUR DIET – Eat a healthy diet to feed your hair. Be sure to include protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamins as they all contribute to hair growth.

HEAD MASSAGE - a gentle scalp massage is great for stimulating blood flow to your hair. Using Mashooq’s hair oil will also feed your scalp and hair with a tonic of vitamins and minerals.