Colouring at Home



When hair colour is being changed, particularly from very dark  to light colour, it involves a series of stages. The first stage brings the hair to a bright red colour and the then in succeeding stages through various shades of yellow to pure white. In the case of Asian, Afro and Oriental hair this can mean as many as six stages.

Unfortunately, each time colour is removed the hair becomes more brittle and the danger of the hair snapping and falling off becomes all the more prevalent with every bleaching.

Mashooq Oil coats the hair and protects it from becoming too dry while at the same time allowing the chemicals to do their job. It is simply a protective screen keeping the hair moist and balanced and the hair’s natural elasticity intact. The result is hair with a natural gloss with superbly enhanced colours. Indeed, colouring without using Mashooq is a dull result by comparison.

The first and most important thing is to do a patch test as per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you are not allergic to the colour.

After that we recommend applying Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil to the hair 10 -20 minutes before the chemical process.

Section your hair into four parts and apply the oil on the scalp and hair and massage your head with your fingertips.  Finally, comb your hair with a wide toothcomb and wrap the hair with a plastic cap.  For best results, cover your hair with plastic cap and wrap over with towel to allow the heat from the body to soften the hair shaft.

Next, add 20ml of Mashooq oil to the colour and apply as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash and style as normal.