Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil (250ml/8fl oz)


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Mashooq's unique formula is designed to protect hair from potential damage caused by heat or chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, ammonia (thio), and pre-lighteners. But here's the kicker - it doesn't just protect, it enhances the results. While the chemical process may strip the hair of essential elements, Mashooq's oil works to replenish them.

Unlike other products that simply coat the hair, Mashooq penetrates deeply, creating a protective barrier that allows quality hair care products to work more effectively, without risking damage to your hair or scalp.

Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to healthy, radiant hair with Mashooq's Deep Penetrating Oil.

Mashooq protects the hair from the potential damage from heat or chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, ammonia (thio) and pre-lighteners and – wait for it – it even improves the results. While the chemical process removes key elements from the hair, the Mashooq oil works to replace them.

Mashooq is different, because it does not coat the hair; it actually penetrates and creates a protective screen which allows quality hair care products to do the job efficiently, without the risk of damage to the hair and scalp.

Mashooq's Deep Penetrating Oil is a versatile hair care solution that protects and conditions your hair during various treatments, leaving it soft, supple, and with a noticeable improvement in the result of the particular process. It can be used when:

  • Colouring
  • Relaxing
  • Perming
  • Blow Drying
  • Styling

For many years, Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil was a secret among professional hairdressers and colorists for its ability to enhance the coloring process while protecting the hair, even when going from very dark to very light shades. This protective oil has revolutionized hair coloring and aftercare. Now the secret is out, and Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil is available for use at home.

Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a lifetime of great hair with Mashooq’s Deep Penetrating Oil.








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  • 5
    Mashooq deep penetrating oil

    Posted by joan mitchell on 14th Mar 2022

    Excellent product. No greasy build up and leaves your hair silky smooth.

  • 5
    I'm impressed !

    Posted by Samantha on 16th Feb 2022

    Mashooqhair Review I was first introduced to Mashooq Oil over 20 years ago when my hair was relaxed, by a very good hairdresser. On application it left my hair glossy and soft. I was very impressed then and bought a huge bottle of it. It kept my hair shiny and soft for a variety of styles. I used it as a conditioning treatment also. Eventually that bottle ran out. Fast forward to now, I discovered the Mashooqhair website and ordered another bottle, full of confidence it would do good things for my hair. I wear my hair in braids now, and I use Mashooq oil to condition my hair and apply it to my scalp. I’ve noticed that it has encouraged hair growth in a patch on my head where my hair was thinning, so again I am impressed with this oil. I have recommended it to my mum to use, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to add shine and softness to their hair. The shine it adds to your hair is evident, particularly on relaxed hair. Works well with coiled hairstyles too!

  • 5
    Wonder's for my hair

    Posted by Dee on 30th Aug 2019

    I'm loving my Mashooq hair oil. It has been doing wonders for my hair.

  • 4
    Truly a wonder oil!

    Posted by KaieCie on 6th Nov 2014

    I've been a fan of Mashooq for years after being gifted a bottle by a friend who worked with Claudettes Giovanni. It's especially good for my locs in winter, leaving them soft and moisturised without the risk of build-up. Sometimes my scalp feels a little itchy (especially during winter) and Mashhoq is great for calming and soothing any dry areas. Definitely a "Desert Island" product!